A Maker Christmas

What a Maker Christmas we are having!

Last night we visited a maker’s musical christmas light show – check it out here.

When we got home it was clear one of the cat’s had attacked the tree and my family stained glass ornament was broken.  Thanks to our handy dandy Sparkfun soldering iron that was quickly fixed and back on the tree.

IMG_0599This morning I woke up to a wonderful laser engraving of one of my favorite photos of my daughter.  Thanks to my husband Ed VanDyne with help from Joel at the Loveland Creator Space and Epilog Laser!  Wow, what a gift!

And this evening we are hosting a makers Christmas dinner with makers from around the Front Range.

However  you are spending this  holiday – we hope it is merry. We are grateful for our amazing maker community and look forward to seeing you soon!

You haven’t heard much from us this month because we’ve been working hard on a bunch of exciting things for 2016. Next week we’ll unveil it all!

Makers by Day, Makers by Night!

Favorite moments from the 3rd annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire

Makers After Dark launched the weekend, featuring 21 distillers from across the state alongside makers that shine in the dark.

This was also the first year of the Inventor’s Showcase and Inventor’s Bootcamp at the Faire. Judges and Faire visitors weighted in on their favorites, with LucidBrake declared the 2015 winner.

Where else can you look through a window and see a landspeeder on one side and a B-25 WWII bomber front on the other?  Old favorites Fare and away creations brought their Star Wars characters and new favorites – the Young Aviators Club – showed off their B25 Bomber simulation built entirely by the club.

And faire go-ers having fun trying their hand at everything from electronics with Atmel to Sword fighting!

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We celebrated Colorado Maker Day with gusto at this year’s Faire!


The Greatest Colorado Maker Day event!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Yesterday, October 10th, was Colorado Maker Day and the creators were out in force at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  Still going on today from 10-5!  Here is Dave Taylor’s Go Fatherhood blog on his day at the Faire.   … Continue reading

Pluto, Physics and Planes!

You will not want to miss the talented speakers and their presentations at the Faire.  Make sure to plan your weekend around catching these.  Here are just a few of our speakers, for the full schedule, click on Makers/Speakers.  

Pluto New Horizons Mission briefing and Build your own SpaceBling workshop
Kimberly Ennico Smith, deputy Project Scientist on the New Horizons Pluto Fly-By with NASA/Southwest Research Institute and with Susanna Speier, founder of SpaceBling.    Kim will answer questions and discuss the New Horizons mission while Susanna Speier leads a Build your own Space Bling Workshop.  During the Build your own SpaceBling workshops Susanna provides materials for kids who want to design their own necklaces and keychains using resin pendants built from the New Horizons spacecraft line drawings.

It Doesn’t Matter
As a 13 year old maker, 
Katt Hendershott embodies her topic, It Doesn’t Matter. One of the great revolutions of the maker movement is that your age, size, gender, color or income level don’t matter.  What matters is your curiosity, creativity, and capabilities.  Come and be inspired on what you can do!    

Katt is in the gifted and talented program at school, and active member in Technology Student Association, and resident expert on the laser cutter at denhac. She is building a high tech cosplay for the upcoming Supernatural convention and hosted her own booth teaching visitors on glow science at the Denver Mini Maker Faire at the Denver Museum for Nature & Science.

Maker’ a Business: Taking Your Wares to Market
In this interactive talk, Ariana Friedlander shares the 6 counter-intuitive things she has learned about building and growing a viable business in the 21st century marketplace. Makers will walk away enlightened and enlivened, as they develop a deeper understanding of how to turn an idea into a business.

Ariana Friedlander, MPA is the Founder and Principal for Rosabella Consulting, LLC and has over 11 years of experience working with small businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to create strategies for successful organizational growth.  Ariana specializes in translating complex ideas to simple, comprehensible points and finding connections when duality appears to be the norm. 

Re-building the B25 Bomber
Scott McEwan and Young Aviators Club – 
Follow the experiences of Scott and the youth makers and their mentos that have built the forward third of a full-scale North American B25J “Mitchell” bomber from scratch. Through this project the young aviators (YAs) learned how to handle aluminum, measure, cut, drill, debur, rivet, and use power and hand powered tools, just like “Rosie the Riveter” did during WWII.  The YA’s are also learning from their awesome engineer mentors how to make the instrument panel functional, how to used C.A.D. to replicate parts we don’t have, and what will be required to safely transport the weight and bulk of the project 1,000 miles each way to Wisconsin.

Clean Energy Members Power the Faire!

Clean energy is one of the top innovation industries – so of course we want to showcase the latest and greatest happening here in Colorado.  We reached out and thecoloradocleanenergyclusterlogo Colorado Clean Energy Cluster brought together it’s membership to help us power our outside makers and to help with internal power distribution.

exponentialengineeringlogoExponential Engineering led the way by determining our needs and building a plan.  They then brought in specific CCEC members to then fill their master plan.

crop_sm_Pos_En_logo_1Pos-en is bringing a solar generating and storage unit.

Dellenbach Motors will be contributing power via a Chevy Volt.  Both of these units are being used for the power needs for the significant outside exhibits and activities of the Faire.  While the building, RMCIT, has plenty of power going to the building, it is not distributed inside and out in the spots where our non conventional faire needs it.  These energy sources from PosEn and Dellenbach are helping solve this distribution need.

Spirae has a more complex task – creating a microgrid for the event.  Because this will take more time than is available, they will be analyzing the Faire this year and preparing grid solutions for 2016.  Each of these individual elements becomes more effective when put together.

“The partnership with the CO Clean Energy Cluster is a chance to share the potential of renewable energy as a reliable option for the future,” said Hunter Buffington, Operations Director. Using solar and biodiesel generators to power the outdoor exhibits is only the beginning. An electric car also acts as battery storage when power needs drop. The components together create a small system that generates, distributes and stores energy. This Micro grid technology is the future of clean energy and the plan for the 2016 NoCo Mini Maker Faire. Collaboration with the CO Energy Cluster, Exponential Energy and Spirae makes it possible.

Stop by and check out these clean energy providers, and talk with CCEC and Exponential Engineering team members about the power plan and distribution for the Faire as well as clean energy innovation in Colorado.



The Rover Rally Comes to the NoCo Faire!

The Rover Rally is coming!  Compete with kids and adults in this crazy robotics competition.

Competing in The Rover Rally is a fun and memorable experience.  Learn the basics of robotics and put yourself or your team to the test in an exciting day of challenges.  When you setup in the pit area with all the other competitors, you’ll be making lifelong memories and connections to people just like you.

Come join us at the Faire and experience the joy of competition!




Check out Tech on Tour!

The Colorado Maker Hub welcomes the Atmel Corporation Tech on Tour Truck to the 3rd Annual No Co Mini Maker Faire, October 10th and 11th at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation & Technology in Loveland, CO.

Atmel, with HQ in San Jose, CA, is a leader in microcontrollers, security and connectivity with several manufacturing facilities located across the world, including one in the United States…in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

The Atmel Tech on Tour will house demonstrations of projects and electronics activities for the NoCo Mini Maker Faire attendees of all skill levels.


NoCo and Realities for Children partner to Inspire at risk kids

The maker movement inspires kids of all ages to learn the tools and skills needed to create – and in that creation build a pathway to the future.  Through exhibits such as a youth entrepreneurs market, a WWII era B25 bomber renovated by a young aviators club, robotics clubs, soldering and electronics making, the NoCo Mini Maker Faire empowers youth and adults to Imagine It! Build it! Share it!  

The mission of Realities For Children is to provide for the unmet needs of children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk, creating a safety net for thousands of local children …  Because No Child Should Be Forgotten!

Together we have come together to bring at risk kids to the NoCo Mini Maker Faire on October 10 and 11.  Through our nonprofit organization, the Colorado Maker Hub, we are accepting donations for INSPIRE! tickets that will be provided to youth participating in the Realities for Children program.  So when you are purchasing tickets for you and your family to attend here, please take a moment to add a donation for a ticket to bring in a child in need.


Join the Volunteer Team!

Bigger and better than ever – with more wonder, more creativity, more hands-on experiences – The NoCo Mini Maker Faire needs you to make it all happen!  Volunteer and for any 4 hour shift you’ll get to be part of all the crazy energy and fun of the event, and also:

  • a cool t-shirt
  • entry to the faire – each additional shift gets another ticket
  • food and drink donated by wonderful local community partners such as Dark Heart Coffee Bar, Blackjack Pizza, Tea-2-Go, Canyon Bakehouse and more!
  • invite to a rockin’ volunteer party at a local alehouse after the event
  • our eternal gratitude for being part of our passionate community.

Anyone aged 15 and up welcome, just sign up for shifts here.  And if you are part of a corporate group or club or just a group of friends that want to hang together – be sure to let us know!



Makers Heed the Call!

Ready to Showcase Your Creations at Colorado’s largest Maker Faire? The Call for Makers is OPEN!

Colorado Maker Hub presents the Third Annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire – a family friendly event where Colorado makers, inventors and artisan crafters showcase their creativity and resourcefulness. The festivities will take place at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology on October 9,10,11.

The NoCo Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers is Open! As the longest running and largest maker faire in Colorado, the NoCo Mini Maker Faire is THE place to showcase your creations, be inspired by others, and celebrate with collaborators across the spectrum of makers – from inventors to artists, scientists to crafters, entrepreneurs and more. This year’s event expands even further as Faire goers will find over 200 Makers sharing inventions, projects, hobbies and artisan crafts. In addition to all the wonders you have come to expect from the Faire, producers have also teamed up with maker groups in the region to add even more.

On Friday, October 9th, the weekend will open with a Makers After Dark. From 6pm – 9pm this event will include a craft distillery tasting and an array of maker displays featuring lasers, music and fire!

Alongside the faire, for the first time, the NoCo Mini Maker Faire is hosting the Inventor Showcase. Founded by the DaVinci Institute, this 9th annual event features a competition of up to 50 inventors from across the Rocky Mountains along with an Inventor Bootcamp hosted by the Inventors Roundtable.

Additionally, sponsored by Ottercares, the NoCo Faire includes a youth entrepreneur pavilion. The Youth Entrepreneur pavilion includes mentoring for these students starting their own businesses. With mentoring before and during the event, this is a great opportunity for new businesses to test their ideas in a supportive marketplace.

“It’s been great to see the collaborations and exposure that our artists and makers have developed as a result of makers participating in the NoCo Faire,” says producer Elizabeth “Elise” VanDyne. “Our makers have been profiled on the local, national and international news, have received invitations to present at Faires across the country, and have developed creative collaborations that have inspired their work.”

Are you a maker with something amazing to share? Are you a creator with something to share during Makers After Dark, an inventor that wants to see how your invention will rate in a competition with your peers, a young entrepreneur ready to test your business in our marketplace?

The Call is Open for your creations from:

  • Rockets and Robots
  • Ideas and Inventions
  • Fabric and metal arts
  • Electronics and technology
  • Tools of production
  • Crazy Conveyances
  • Craft vendors

The uncategorize-able creations you dream up!

Apply either by clicking on the MAKE button or on the Inventor Showcase page for inventors wishing to enter the competition. We will contact you and discuss your exhibit/activity/demo.