Sign up as a Maker at the Largest Maker Faire in the Rocky Mountains!

This year’s NoCo Mini Maker Faire, an all-ages festival featuring do-it-yourself makers, showcases never-before-seen creations including a fire breathing, laser shooting 30 foot Robot Resurrection, a BrickBuilder Expo, a Youth Entrepreneurship Showcase, a 6 foot robotic 3D printing arm and much, much more. Held October 4th and 5th at Loveland’s Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology, this event features a multitude of hands-on activities from soldering games with SparkFun to laser engraving with Epilog Laser and a Cardboard Challenge!   With opportunities to make, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired, this second annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire hosted is Colorado and the region’s largest with indoor and outdoor exhibits, hands-on demos and presentations spread out over 100,000+ sq feet.
There are just 10 days left to sign up as a maker/exhibitor and join the amazing makers already signed up.


Robot Resurrection:

SparkFun’s soldering workshop:

SparkFun is a presenting sponsor of the event and will be holding their signature soldering booth teaching folks of all ages and skill levels the lifelong skill of soldering!

Loveland BrickBuilder Expo:

In partnership with the Colorado Wyoming LEGO User Group (CoWLUG), this Expo will include displays from master builders, a brick building play area, and a building competition.

Sculpture Games:

Cardboard Challenge:

Sound Puddle:

  • The SoundPuddle is an interactive space of visual-acoustic synesthesia. This spectrographically colorful spaces creates color and light from sound, illuminating every noise you make on an immersive canopy of light. Bring your voices and musical instruments, and 5,760 LEDs will unify your ears and eyes.
  • Video:

Nerdy Derby developed by CSU LEAP students:

  • The Nerdy Derby is a no-rules* miniature car building and racing competition. With a larger, undulating track and no restrictions on the size of the cars or materials participants can use, the Nerdy Derby rewards creativity, cleverness and ingenuity.
  • Video:


“As producers of the event,” says Elise VanDyne, Executive Director, “our job is simply to find the most creative makers in the region and help make their visions come true within the Faire. There is nothing more fun than bringing together an awestruck audience with the great people and groups that are imagining, building and sharing their creations.”

This event would not be possible without the generous support and participation of our sponsors and community collaborators including:

SparkFun – creators of DIY electronics for tech tinkerers everywhere

Make Magazine –DIY projects and inspiration for and from geeks

Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology and the City of Loveland

Epilog Laser – Laser engraving, cutting and marking systems

Aleph Objects – leading the open source 3D printing industry

Idea-2-Product Lab – a 3D lab speeding innovation, creativity and product development

And many more community supporters and collaborators.


Sponsor Profile: Idea-2-Product Lab

Idea-2-Product Lab Logo







Did you know that right in Fort Collins we have a public access 3D Make Lab that can get you up and running with your 3D dreams?  CSU’s Idea-2-Product Lab’s (I2P) mission is to enhance innovation within their community, increase industrial productivity, facilitate education, and foster engagement both within the University and the community at large.

The I2P Lab is involved in so many interesting projects. One of these is The Walk Again project, which is an international nonprofit collaboration among many leading institutions to help paralyzed people to walk. Walk Again created a prosthetic exoskeleton directly controlled by the the brain, which enables a paralyzed person to walk. I2P created a liner for the helmet that holds electrodes to read brainwaves which tell the prosthetic exoskeleton to move. The Walk Again Project’s coming out was at the 2014 World Cup in which a paralyzed teen made the first ceremonial kick off.

Idea-2-Product Lab is also helping local Loveland artists with their creative process. One artist by the name of Mark Hopkins says that: “Technology is important to my creativity especially since 3D printing has started. Leonardo and Michelangelo would have used it.”

If you are a business or individual who is in need of this kind of service, a subscription to the I2P Lab provides everything one needs to do additive manufacturing: training; machine time; design/CAD assistance; and/or full-service production – all rolled into a single price. For more information on projects or to sign up, check out their website and newsletter.

Terry Gold’s Denver Mini Maker Faire Blog Post!

Terry Gold wrote about his fun experience at the Denver Mini Maker Faire claiming that “The best part was seeing all the kids running around, excited to see and get their hands on all the projects.” He also credited one of our sponsor’s SparkFun with really engaging visitors at the Faire. 

If you are a Maker and want to engage visitors to the NoCo Mini Maker Faire coming this October 4th and 5th be sure to sign up now! The Call for Makers ends August 31! Hit the big blue MAKE button to sign up! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

You can read  the whole post by Terry Gold here: Terry Gold – Denver Mini Maker Faire


The Maker Movement Meets Big Business

Can indie-minded tinkerers get comfortable in the corporate world?

By Reena Jana

Above, scenes from Genspace, a community biology lab in Brooklyn, NY: TED Fellow Oliver Medvedik, co-founder of Genspace; Medvedik and Genspace President and co-founder Ellen Jorgensen; experiments.

On a recent rainy morning I walked through the front door of a former bank in downtown Brooklyn to find myself in a dusty lobby with cracked windowpanes. An elevator ride took me to another floor where I found cluttered rooms filled with lopsided bookshelves, used beakers, and dirty wine glasses. Finally, I arrived at my destination: a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION called Genspace, where an unlikely community of artists and attorneys, high school students and Ph.Ds, VENTURE CAPITALISTS, and architects regularly come together to get their hands dirty, literally—experimenting with, say, growing synthetic leather from bacterial cellulose. Continue reading

How the Maker Movement Is Moving into Classrooms


The Maker movement is a unique combination of artistry, circuitry, and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Certainly, learning by doing or “making” has been happening since our ancestors refined the wheel.

Don’t treat making as a sidebar to an already overtaxed curriculum. As you investigate the principles behind teaching STEAM via making, you’ll see sound research from many educators throughout history, including Jean Piaget who, in 1973, wrote:

[S]tudents who are thus reputedly poor in mathematics show an entirely different attitude when the problem comes from a concrete situation and is related to other interests.

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Smartphone Rocket Launcher

Originally posted on MAKE:

In the iPhone ad “Powerful,” actors launched a group of model rockets with an iPhone. You can view the adhere. I thought this was insanely cool, but in typical Apple fashion, I couldn’t find out how they did it. I decided to take matters into my own hands and build my own system from scratch using a Raspberry Pi, Web IO Pi Framework, Relay Board and a modern smartphone.

The software portion of this project isn’t too hard. I used the WebIOPi framework to control pin 17 on the Raspberry Pi. I chose this framework because it made it very simple to control a GPIO pin. You can download the html and python file from my github. You can also learn more about configuring WebIOPi here.

I attempted to build my own relay board, but I ended up using a relay board I already had. The…

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Come join us! The Call for Makers is out NOW!


Maker Camp 2014: Worldwide And In Your Neighborhood

Originally posted on MAKE:


For the third straight year, Google and Make have come together to put on Maker Camp, a free, online summer camp for teens on Google+. Building on 2 million past participants, Maker Camp 2014 officially kicks off today at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT today with a Hangout featuring NASA and Buzz Aldrin.

We’ve always believed that everyone, especially young people, should be able to feel the joy that comes from imagining and creating something that didn’t exist before.

Nine years ago, we hosted our very first Bay Area Maker Faire, an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, hobbyists and artists. The event was partly inspired by the idea that the special creative energy produced by kids is even stronger when they’re brought together. Since that first get-together, it has grown globally with more than 100 events in places like Tokyo, Rome, Santiago and Oslo. Recently, a…

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NoCo Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers is now OPEN!

        Call for Makers is Open!

Applications will be accepted in July and August for Maker Participation  Continue reading


Happy 4th of July Makers!