Makers Heed the Call!

Ready to Showcase Your Creations at Colorado’s largest Maker Faire? The Call for Makers is OPEN!

Colorado Maker Hub presents the Third Annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire – a family friendly event where Colorado makers, inventors and artisan crafters showcase their creativity and resourcefulness. The festivities will take place at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology on October 9,10,11.

The NoCo Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers is Open! As the longest running and largest maker faire in Colorado, the NoCo Mini Maker Faire is THE place to showcase your creations, be inspired by others, and celebrate with collaborators across the spectrum of makers – from inventors to artists, scientists to crafters, entrepreneurs and more. This year’s event expands even further as Faire goers will find over 200 Makers sharing inventions, projects, hobbies and artisan crafts. In addition to all the wonders you have come to expect from the Faire, producers have also teamed up with maker groups in the region to add even more.

On Friday, October 9th, the weekend will open with a Makers After Dark. From 6pm – 9pm this event will include a craft distillery tasting and an array of maker displays featuring lasers, music and fire!

Alongside the faire, for the first time, the NoCo Mini Maker Faire is hosting the Inventor Showcase. Founded by the DaVinci Institute, this 9th annual event features a competition of up to 50 inventors from across the Rocky Mountains along with an Inventor Bootcamp hosted by the Inventors Roundtable.

Additionally, sponsored by Ottercares, the NoCo Faire includes a youth entrepreneur pavilion. The Youth Entrepreneur pavilion includes mentoring for these students starting their own businesses. With mentoring before and during the event, this is a great opportunity for new businesses to test their ideas in a supportive marketplace.

“It’s been great to see the collaborations and exposure that our artists and makers have developed as a result of makers participating in the NoCo Faire,” says producer Elizabeth “Elise” VanDyne. “Our makers have been profiled on the local, national and international news, have received invitations to present at Faires across the country, and have developed creative collaborations that have inspired their work.”

Are you a maker with something amazing to share? Are you a creator with something to share during Makers After Dark, an inventor that wants to see how your invention will rate in a competition with your peers, a young entrepreneur ready to test your business in our marketplace?

The Call is Open for your creations from:

  • Rockets and Robots
  • Ideas and Inventions
  • Fabric and metal arts
  • Electronics and technology
  • Tools of production
  • Crazy Conveyances
  • Craft vendors

The uncategorize-able creations you dream up!

Apply either by clicking on the MAKE button or on the Inventor Showcase page for inventors wishing to enter the competition. We will contact you and discuss your exhibit/activity/demo.

“It’s a revolution from the bottom up!”

Yesterday the Denver Mini Maker Faire launched with a gathering of educators and companies talking about innovations in education.  It was a great atmosphere as makers were building all around us – from metal sculptures to the Nerdy Derby.   Our Tech Panel speakers from Sphero, Sparkfun, and Mod Robotics inspired with their stories of how they learn.  During the Q&A session, one of the audience hit the nail on the head saying “It’s a revolution from the bottom up!”   Join us today for more of the maker revolution  –

The Human Foosball table is set up

Pokey the fire breathing dragon is flaming

Drone Enthusiasts just arrived with their boxes of quadcopters and more for the Obstacle Course!

The lights are flashing and the track is ready for you at the Nerdy Derby

Come and Make with us!


Call for Makers is Open!

The Call for Makers is now open for the largest maker event in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains!

We’ve added several exciting pieces for October:

  • October 9th launch event Maker After Dark for 21+ only, featuring craft distillers, lasers, robots and fire. A 30 foot robot that shoots lasers and fire? Play music on a Rubens tube? Oh yes!
  • A Youth Entrepreneurship pavilion sponsored by Ottercares
  • The Inventor Showcase and Bootcamp – this 8th annual event will be held inside the NoCo Faire, bringing in 40-50 inventors from around the Rocky Mountain States to compete for the top prize and to learn how to take an idea through making and into the market
  • How Things are Made by the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership
  • The Colorado Maker Ed Initiative, bringing making into the classroom
  • Renewable energy and Thrive sections presented by the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster
  • Plus all the wonderful makers and creativity you’ve come to expect at our events

Altogether this comes to

  • Over 120,000 square feet inside and out. We are blessed to be granted a huge space by the City of Loveland that is twice the size of any other event facility in the Boulder/Northern Colorado region and we take advantage of every inch!
  • 200+ maker booths inside and out
  • Our engaged and inspired community audience
  • Local, national and global press that results in great exposure for our makers
    • Discovery Channel Canada is filming our makers in Denver and has NoCo planned for filming this fall
    • Make Magazine covers each of our events and results in our makers getting attention around the globe
    • Mobile radio rigs at the Faire interviewing makers
    • media relationships with Northern Colorado’s top radio and print outlets

You don’t want to miss this one! You can sign up now by hitting the MAKE button on this page and telling us what you are thinking.

COMakerHub logo & color specs

The Denver and NoCo Mini Maker Faires are produced by the Colorado Maker Hub, an educational nonprofit organization built by and in support of the Colorado maker community.

Fort Collins Creator Hub In New Space

For the past year the Fort Collins Creator Hub team has been building it’s membership, model, and contributions in order to open its own space.  Their hard work and vision paid of in May as they opened in the basement of The Art Center at 406 N College Avenue in Fort Collins.   Although their physical location is new, these volunteers and avid makers have been active in the NoCo maker community through meet-ups and events in collaboration with other spaces.

We rejoice that they are now able to fulfill their mission to provide “a community of people and a physical location that contains tools and equipment you might not have access to at home. Exciting things will be invented, made, tinkered with, painted, engineered, crafted, programmed, sewed, built, and more! Come and join us to create new things, learn skills at classes, meet interesting people, and teach your own classes.” 

The Creator Hub team brought the maker community to Fort Collins Start Up week with Fantastical Adventures in Making.  They brought in makers, maker spaces, and craft brewers and distillers in an exploratory space at the Beet Street building.  We appreciate their helping to bring visibility to the maker contribution to entrepreneurship and the Start-Up community.  1509317_1651699838387037_1339174455149547470_n


Check out their classes, location and community at




Volunteer with the Denver Mini Maker Faire!

2014 Denver Maker Faire 112

Want a free ticket to the Denver Mini Maker Faire that includes entry into the Denver Museum of Nature & Science?  Well we have the opportunity for you! Come and volunteer for a shift at the Denver Mini Maker Faire and get a free ticket to the Faire along with a fun t-shirt to commemorate the weekend as well as get to know some amazing people in the maker community.  The Denver Mini Maker Faire is June 13th and 14th!

There are so many fun opportunities to get involved, you can help makers with their demonstrations, greet people as they enter the Faire and so much more! Come join our merry band and have a blast!

Interested? Here is how you sign up! Click Here

If you are interested in helping all weekend or before the faire please contact!

We’ll see you at the Faire!

BattleBots Is Back — But Fighting Robots Never Went Away

Listen To Music Composed By A Pillow

Playing Tetris On Buildings

The Heart of Creativity Beats in Loveland at the 2nd Annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire

Colorado WaterJet Company Takes the Stage!

One of the Makers from the NoCo Mini Maker Faire is taking the stage! Colorado WaterJet Company worked with the Central City Opera House to create a set for their upcoming show. The set piece is a two story birdcage made out of birch plywood and made to look like metal. Check out the picture below, we think they did a fantastic job!


Read the whole story: Click Here.