Maker Faire: Do you Remember your First Time?


I cannot recall exactly when I first heard about Maker Faire but it had to do with my older sister’s fascination with tinkering with stuff, coding stuff and generally making a ruckus with bits, bytes, parts and pieces. Both my sister and I graduated from engineering school and, yes, we learned all sorts of technical stuff but interestingly, the stuff we learned was about making but not actually making. Granted, we could design all kinds of things with delicate precision but only got into making outside of class.

But what if you could Make and Learn all at the same time? Enter Make: Magazine and Maker Faire. Using the tools in your toolbox, whether they be torches, hammers, wire strippers, screwdrivers and the like or more importantly, imagination, artistry, passion and curiosity, there is no limit to what you can create.

This May, the NoCo Mini Maker Faire team traveled to San Francisco for our first Maker Faire. And we haven’t been the same since. Please join us in bringing this fantastic experience to Colorado for the NoCo Mini Maker Faire to be held in Loveland, CO on October 5th.


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