7 Reasons Why The Makers Movement Is Revolutionary

Published on June 22, 2013 by 


7 Reasons Why The Makers Movement Is Revolutionary

Chris Anderson has been watching trends in innovation for years while working with “The Economist” and serving as editor for “Wired” magazine.   In his new book “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution”,  he claims that we have experienced three industrial revolutions.   The first involved physical manufacturing.   Through the power of machines and automation, innovative ideas can become physical products at large scale.   The car started as an idea.   Manufacturing helped make the car available to the community.    He observes that the second revolution is the digital revolution.  Because of the internet, the best innovative thoughts, ideas, and education are now available to us in our smart phones and our browsers.

The Makers and DIY Movements are combining the power of the first and second industrial revolutions.   Here are 7 reasons that young entrepreneurs should consider watching trends related to the makers movement.   The world needs your creativity!   The good news is that you’re not alone!

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