The Sculpture Games & Interview with Megan Tracy

NoCo Mini Maker Faire Interview with…

Megan Tracy, Event Director & Artistic Curator

In the Meantime Gallery

Loveland Feed & Grain

How did In the Meantime Gallery come to be?

         Well, my background started out as a Corporate Recruiter and I had received an Art degree at Arizona State University.  So I wanted to merge my two talents.  Instead of pairing people with jobs, I wanted to pair artists with shows.  A little over a year ago, a friend and I decided to have a light show at the Loveland Feed and Grain.  We wanted to have a place that showed a little bit more unique art than what Loveland is usually known for.  It then started this crazy, artistic adventure.  We have now had 8 shows since then.

Are you a Maker yourself?

I am a photographer, I work with light graffiti, I have also been an artist of all sorts throughout my life.  I have worked with mixed media before, sewing onto paper, cutting up some of my photographs and sewing them back together.  Yeah, I usually find myself creating.

How did you get to know about the NoCo Mini Maker Faire?

In May I spoke for TEDx Front Range and had met Elizabeth Weiland, creator of the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  Elizabeth had heard of some of the things I had been doing at the Loveland Grain and Feed and wanted to collaborate for the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  I thought having the NoCo Mini Maker Faire in Loveland was a brilliant idea because there are so many Makers here.

What do you think makes the Colorado community unique for the Mini Maker Faire?

I think particularly from Loveland, the fact that we have so many artists paired with technology will be fantastic.  We have a history of HP being here, as well as the sculptor foundries, and that combination will be well received.  There already is a strong Maker community in Loveland so it will be neat to see people have that “A-HA” moment of oh yeah, there are a lot of makers here.

Tells us about the Sculpture Games.

Through putting on the Sculpture Games, I found that if an event is needed in a community, it will just fall into place.  That is exactly what happened with the Sculpture Games.  Last year my friend and I were throwing around ideas for an event, an artist competition specifically.  We dreamed up Assemble, which has now been deemed the Sculpture Games.  So this will be our 2nd Annual Sculpture Games and we will be receiving a bunch of metal, scrap wood, junk and random antique pieces by Uncle Benny’s, a local construction and building supply store located in Loveland.  They will bring a big trailer full of this junk and 10 artist teams will come in and assemble a sculpture in a timed, interactive competition.  Naturally, in a sculptor community, you ask an someone to turn junk into fine art, they are all over it.  With that being said, the artists were easy to find!  The best part of the entire thing is that you will get to see the artist’s entire creative process on the way.

There will be a lot of fun things revolving around the event this year.  A woman from Fort Collins is coming who has a program called Anna’s Art Explorers and she will set up a table with recyclables and art supplies for kids who would like to assemble something themselves as the competition is going.  We will also have a group of ladies “knit-bombing” the old truck along side of the competition.  Anyone will be allowed to join in and help cover the truck with yarn!

After the judging of the pieces, we will be auctioning off all of them.  All of the proceeds will go to a scholarship program called the Loveland Housing Authority’s Educational Enrichment Scholarship Program.  The individual to receive this scholarship will go on to a creative sector.


Watch the Video to see more on the Sculpture Games, coming up July 12 and 13.


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