Meet Filmmaker Abigail Wright

NoCo Mini Maker interview with…

 Abigail Wright

Documentary Filmmaker & Founder of the 29 Second Film Festival



Tell us about yourself!

My name is Abigail Wright and I am a documentary filmmaker.   I came to this profession after working many years in the theatre.  I work for Miranda Productions, owned by my friend and filmmaking partner Miranda Smith.  We were originally in New York but decided to relocate with our families in Boulder, Colorado.  Since then we have made many films about all sorts of things!  Then after living in Colorado for a while, I was asked to start teaching documentary at Boulder Digital Arts. 



What kind of projects are you working on?

See these giant filing cabinets behind me?  These are FULL of proposals for projects we are attempting to get funding for.  One project we are working on is a cooking show for kids.  It will be a series and kind of a documentary on sustainable living disguised as a cooking show for kids.  And a few other documentaries.


What gets you excited about these projects?

 I really enjoy working in documentary.  I enjoy the people I get to meet and I get to know their lives quite intimately.  I find out a lot of things that I would never have discovered on my own.  For instance, we did a film on organic farming and I had never known anything about this because I was living in a city for such a long time.  As a consequence of doing this film, I had to learn an enormous amount about agriculture, the politics around it, food and so on.  I did another film about rainforest medicine and I got to learn a lot about neo-tropical botany and biology.  I get to be different people through these documentaries, a lot of different people. 






Tell us about the 29 Second Film Festival.  What was the inspiration?

We came up with the 29 Second Film Festival on the spur of the moment, very appropriate for what it is.  One of my friends told me about these 5 second films that you can find online and I checked it out and found it to be a very interesting art form.  So this became an inspiration for our short films as well as the advent of camera phones.  If commercials can create a story in about 30 seconds, why not try it ourselves.  Why not teach ourselves to become better story tellers and take 29 seconds to do it.  It creates a limit to people that I find make them very creative.  And it should be easier for all kinds of people to just do it and submit it.  And have fun with it!  That’s the idea.  I think we can be looking forward to a huge variety of expressions.  We really want to get kids involved.  I think about when I was little, my family has a reel to reel tape deck.  We would go off and do our own fake commercials and silly things.  And kids today have even more technology at their disposal so it will be cool to see what they think up.


How did you hear about the NoCo Mini Maker Faire?

 I heard about it through Pivot Guild, a sponsor of the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  I looked it up and thought, how cool!  It is so great that it is called a Faire, it has a quality of the medieval in it.  I have always wanted to see a robot scrimmage so this is perfect!  I love the old fashion interaction that the event will bring, it is really interesting to me.  When you go to these things you always hope to meet new people who are very interesting and new and exciting.  And I think the NoCo Mini Maker Faire will be just this place.



Find out more about Abigial Wright:



And do not forget to check out the 29 Second Film Festival at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire on October 5, 2013.  The Call For Submissions is out NOW!  Do not delay, submissions will close on August 29.


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