Meet Maker Susan Porteous of Green Bird Press


“Green Bird Press is a small letterpress printing and bindery operation with a modern minimalist approach to design. All letterpress products are hand printed on a 6×10 inch Kelsey press using a combination of handset type and magnesium plates produced from digital files. Various ready-to-purchase designs including cards, coasters, and gift tags are available here in Green Bird’s Etsy store and new designs are always in the works. All books are hand bound using ancient binding techniques and good quality paper suitable for writing or drawing. Right now, most books are one of a kind and often make use of repurposed materials for the covers.

Green Bird Press is run by myself, Susan Porteous, with help from my green cheek conure, a cute and fluffy, often annoying, little green bird named Stormy. Although the little one came up with the press name and lent her image to the logo she really isn’t much help—she’s too small to operate the press and can’t be around even the least toxic inks and chemicals. So while Stormy is napping, squawking, chewing, and generally being a bird, I take care of the rest of the business operations.”

-Susan Porteous




From Star Wars and PacMan inspired cards to gorgeous monogramed stationary, Green Letter Press is MAKING great creations.  Susan Porteous and Green Bird Press are based out of Denver, Colorado.  To learn more about this amazing letterpress, check out the website here…




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