Meet Maker Western Heritage of Create-a-Cast

Making the world a more creative place one person at a time through the lost wax casting experience!



Western Heritage Company is typically known for their awesome and famous belt buckles.  But they are MAKING so much more!  Through an amazing bronze casting system, they “have expanded into the casting of key chains, cuff links, tuxedo buttons, chess sets, lapel pins, golf bag tags, custom hardware, cast coasters, coins and anything you can imagine!” -Western Heritage Company


Realizing the creative fun they were having while MAKING bronze casts, Western Heritage then came up with the idea of a DIY Lost Wax Casting Kit.  Thus the birth of Create-a-Cast!  “Utilizing the same processes and materials employed by professional sculptors for hundreds of years, Create-A-Cast™ makes it easy and inexpensive for your personally-created wax sculpture to be transformed into a solid metal piece of art. It will be cast and finished in our foundry that is used by many world famous artists. We hope to help you discover, develop, and release the talent you may have never known you had.” –



To learn more about their cool casting and how to MAKE a lost wax casting, check out their website here  You can also learn more about them and come see their MAKING process at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire!



Photos provided by Western Heritage Company and Create-a-Cast.


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