Meet Presenter Jake Marshall of MESA rcFoam Fighters!

Founder and Director of the MESA rcFoam Fighters, Mr. Marshall was introduced to the world of Scratch Build Remote Control Aviation 5 years ago, and after seeing its connection with the application of Math, Engineering, and Science, he sought the need to take it to the classroom. This vision would not have taken off like it has if it wasn’t for the students of Erwin Middle School and the grace of the administration, as long as the students come, MESArcFF will continue to grow.


MESA rcFoam Fighters Vision
​The MESA rcFoam Fighters is a pathway to the engineers of the future and we are committed to making scratch build aviation for kids one of the top outlets in the world for them.

This vision is accomplished through:
-Affiliation with our valued sponsors/donors, advisors, and all students in the MESArcFF program.
-A process of continuous improvement.
-A commitment to leadership, education and scientific/technical development.
-A safe, secure, and enjoyable scratch build environment.

MESA rcFoam Fighters Mission
The MESA rcFoam Fighters purpose is to serve, promote, and guide students to the possibilities in the field of Math, Engineering, Science and Achievement through the lens of scratch build remote control aviation.

To learn more, check out the links below….

Or come see Jake in action with the rcFoam Fighters at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire!!

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