Our first annual NoCo not-so-mini Maker Faire was a huge hit!  Many, many thanks to our Makers who wow-ed us with engaging exhibits like kids arts, cool science projects, fun activities like the Nerdy Derby, the Sound Puddle and the Combobulator, amazing inventors and great tools.  The longest lines were at the Donek Snowboard table where they were making foam core airplanes and, of course, SparkFun where you could choose between 4 different kits to solder.  Around the faire all you could see were big smiles and expressions of wonder.  You’ve inspired the community, you’ve inspired our team.  We can’t thank you Makers enough for sharing your creativity and innovation with us.   The show IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Many thanks as well to our sponsors and hard working team of volunteers and volunteer staff.

What’s next?  Well stay tuned, because we are not done yet!  Stay tuned for postings on where our next Mini Maker Faire will be and what our team is up to in growing the Maker Movement.


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