8 talks on beauty of the handmade (complete with Dong Woo Jang’s diagrams for how to make the perfect bow and arrow)

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In South Korea’s “pressure-cooker” educational environment, 15-year-old Dong Woo Jang began to feel his caveman instincts kicking in: He needed to survive. And like his ancestors, he decided to arm up –- with a bow and arrow.

[ted_talkteaser id=1790]As he shares in today’s talk, proudly holding up one of his handmade bows, he says, “Through bow making I came in contact with part of my heritage. Learning the information that has accumulated over time and reading the message left by my ancestors was better than any consolation, therapy or any advice any living adult could give me.”

Learning and perfecting a craft such as bowmaking is no easy task. Jang attests to staying up many a night to saw, trim and polish wood. He experimented and researched endlessly, and almost set his apartment complex on fire.

Below, 7 more TED speakers who speak to the joys (and tribulations)…

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