Loveland Youth Summer Program: Weeks in the Summer Skies


MESArcFF Summer Class Description and Curriculum Layout:
Take to the Skies & let your creative mind go to work using hands on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based projects, and scratch build remote control aviation. Learn basics of flight, and remote control aircraft systems. Apply math & science concepts, flight training, safety tips and more. The creative opportunity is endless and boost of confidence insurmountable when a maiden flight is successful. Times vary during the week; check class receipt for details. A $10 supply fee is due to the instructor at the 1st class.

MESArcFF Continued Learning:
Want to come again and continue your skills? Students are allowed to sign up as many times as they want, each class they will be allowed to create another scratch build plane and further their learning experience through RC Aviation. Returners will learn to operate and upkeep the onsite laser cutter, get access to the tricks of CAD design and how to start the process in creating their own scratch build, mentor for newcomers, and continued fun in the hobby!

Min/Max: 5/10 Location: Lucile Erwin Instructor: Jake Marshall

Age: 11-15
Day Date Time Fee Class
M-F 6/9-6/13 1:00-3:00P $90 355015-1
M-F 6/23-6/27 1:00-3:00P $90 355015-2
M-F 7/7-7/11 1:00-3:00P $90 355015-3
M-F 7/21-7/25 1:00-3:00P $90 355015-4

Register online at:


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