Sponsor Profile: Idea-2-Product Lab

Idea-2-Product Lab Logo







Did you know that right in Fort Collins we have a public access 3D Make Lab that can get you up and running with your 3D dreams?  CSU’s Idea-2-Product Lab’s (I2P) mission is to enhance innovation within their community, increase industrial productivity, facilitate education, and foster engagement both within the University and the community at large.

The I2P Lab is involved in so many interesting projects. One of these is The Walk Again project, which is an international nonprofit collaboration among many leading institutions to help paralyzed people to walk. Walk Again created a prosthetic exoskeleton directly controlled by the the brain, which enables a paralyzed person to walk. I2P created a liner for the helmet that holds electrodes to read brainwaves which tell the prosthetic exoskeleton to move. The Walk Again Project’s coming out was at the 2014 World Cup in which a paralyzed teen made the first ceremonial kick off.

Idea-2-Product Lab is also helping local Loveland artists with their creative process. One artist by the name of Mark Hopkins says that: “Technology is important to my creativity especially since 3D printing has started. Leonardo and Michelangelo would have used it.”

If you are a business or individual who is in need of this kind of service, a subscription to the I2P Lab provides everything one needs to do additive manufacturing: training; machine time; design/CAD assistance; and/or full-service production – all rolled into a single price. For more information on projects or to sign up, check out their website and newsletter.


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