Passport to The Maker’s Universe – A Maker’s Guide

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This year’s Faire will offer something new for middle and high school students! On Saturday only, kids will receive a Passport to the Maker’s Universe to guide their exploration of exciting career possibilities in Making.

Presented by CSU Office of Community and Economic Development and the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership, the passport will encourage and equip students to ask makers about what they do and how they got there. After some prompted reflection, they can return their completed passport for a cool prize!!


  • Improve students’ understanding of various career options in manufacturing and making
  •  Create an engaging experience to shift students’ perception about “making” and themselves


  1. Volunteer ambassadors will greet students in line at both entrances, distributing passports and a list of suggested maker booths to visit. Additional volunteers will float around the site to assist students.
  2. The passport will guide students in their exploration of the 4 major planets of the Maker’s Solar System. It will include:
    1. An outline of each of the planets to include job descriptions, job outlook, pay, and training and education
    2. QR codes for webpages and videos to promote students’ continued learning and discovery
    3.  Incentive and support for students’ active engagement providing sample questions for makers and the chance to reflect on their intergalactic mission.


Tell me more about what you do.                                                                                 How did you get to where you are today?                                                                 What other makers do you work with?                                                                         What are your goals for the future?                                                                               When did you know you were a “maker”?                                                               What’s a typical day like for you?                                                                                   What type of education and training do you have?                                              What’s the best part about your work? The worst?

You will not have to stamp passports! We ask only that you engage and entertain students’ interest.

3. Students will complete a short reflection exercise on the back cover                          of the passport and return this page at our booth (adjacent to the                              faire exit) to receive their prize

If you have any questions contact:   Paula Mills,, 970-491-3883

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