Fort Collins Creator Hub In New Space

For the past year the Fort Collins Creator Hub team has been building it’s membership, model, and contributions in order to open its own space.  Their hard work and vision paid of in May as they opened in the basement of The Art Center at 406 N College Avenue in Fort Collins.   Although their physical location is new, these volunteers and avid makers have been active in the NoCo maker community through meet-ups and events in collaboration with other spaces.

We rejoice that they are now able to fulfill their mission to provide “a community of people and a physical location that contains tools and equipment you might not have access to at home. Exciting things will be invented, made, tinkered with, painted, engineered, crafted, programmed, sewed, built, and more! Come and join us to create new things, learn skills at classes, meet interesting people, and teach your own classes.” 

The Creator Hub team brought the maker community to Fort Collins Start Up week with Fantastical Adventures in Making.  They brought in makers, maker spaces, and craft brewers and distillers in an exploratory space at the Beet Street building.  We appreciate their helping to bring visibility to the maker contribution to entrepreneurship and the Start-Up community.  1509317_1651699838387037_1339174455149547470_n


Check out their classes, location and community at





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