Clean Energy Members Power the Faire!

Clean energy is one of the top innovation industries – so of course we want to showcase the latest and greatest happening here in Colorado.  We reached out and thecoloradocleanenergyclusterlogo Colorado Clean Energy Cluster brought together it’s membership to help us power our outside makers and to help with internal power distribution.

exponentialengineeringlogoExponential Engineering led the way by determining our needs and building a plan.  They then brought in specific CCEC members to then fill their master plan.

crop_sm_Pos_En_logo_1Pos-en is bringing a solar generating and storage unit.

Dellenbach Motors will be contributing power via a Chevy Volt.  Both of these units are being used for the power needs for the significant outside exhibits and activities of the Faire.  While the building, RMCIT, has plenty of power going to the building, it is not distributed inside and out in the spots where our non conventional faire needs it.  These energy sources from PosEn and Dellenbach are helping solve this distribution need.

Spirae has a more complex task – creating a microgrid for the event.  Because this will take more time than is available, they will be analyzing the Faire this year and preparing grid solutions for 2016.  Each of these individual elements becomes more effective when put together.

“The partnership with the CO Clean Energy Cluster is a chance to share the potential of renewable energy as a reliable option for the future,” said Hunter Buffington, Operations Director. Using solar and biodiesel generators to power the outdoor exhibits is only the beginning. An electric car also acts as battery storage when power needs drop. The components together create a small system that generates, distributes and stores energy. This Micro grid technology is the future of clean energy and the plan for the 2016 NoCo Mini Maker Faire. Collaboration with the CO Energy Cluster, Exponential Energy and Spirae makes it possible.

Stop by and check out these clean energy providers, and talk with CCEC and Exponential Engineering team members about the power plan and distribution for the Faire as well as clean energy innovation in Colorado.




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