The Greatest Colorado Maker Day event!

Yesterday, October 10th, was Colorado Maker Day and the creators were out in force at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire.  Still going on today from 10-5!  Here is Dave Taylor’s Go Fatherhood blog on his day at the Faire.   Take a look at some of the cool things you can do today and the amazing speakers still to come!

Talk with Inventors and find out the Winner of the Inventor’s Showcase at 1pm! 12014963_926442717409287_8738850075556720723_o 12017599_926443644075861_1069696119233074567_o 12045638_926443384075887_2590265093305972995_o Check out a B25 bomber simulation or fly a MESA ARC foam flyer!

12087896_926443440742548_8026766821784749053_o Play life sized versions of your favorite arcade games or pilot the Starship Enterprise!

12119950_926443377409221_4623937185919368642_o Come in costume and meet with Steamship captains, Tardis creators, R2D2 and more.  Check out a Jurassic park Jeep and a landspeeder!

12139998_926443680742524_3044577434562329299_oCompete in the Rover Rally!

We are here from 10-5 today and the price is less than a couple hours at a movie.  Come join us!!



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