Makers by Day, Makers by Night!

Favorite moments from the 3rd annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire

Makers After Dark launched the weekend, featuring 21 distillers from across the state alongside makers that shine in the dark.

This was also the first year of the Inventor’s Showcase and Inventor’s Bootcamp at the Faire. Judges and Faire visitors weighted in on their favorites, with LucidBrake declared the 2015 winner.

Where else can you look through a window and see a landspeeder on one side and a B-25 WWII bomber front on the other?  Old favorites Fare and away creations brought their Star Wars characters and new favorites – the Young Aviators Club – showed off their B25 Bomber simulation built entirely by the club.

And faire go-ers having fun trying their hand at everything from electronics with Atmel to Sword fighting!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We celebrated Colorado Maker Day with gusto at this year’s Faire!


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