Call for Makers is OPEN!

Time to unleash your creativity!   

The NoCo Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers is Open!


WWII era B25 Bomber
with flight simulators

built by the
Young Aviator’s Club

photo by Lucky Brake


Do you love to push technology in new or different ways? Are you an artisan honing a craft? Do you tinker, program, experiment, build contraptions or costumes and want to show off your work? Bringing a new Invention to market? Maybe you run a maker space and want to share your resources with the world! Join us at the 4th annual NoCo Mini Maker Faire to showcase your creation, enjoy collaborating with other makers, get exposure and promotion for your products, and have a wonderful time!

Spread the word and APPLY TODAY!

New Location and Maker Activities!

We’re getting bigger! So the Faire is moving to the First National Bank Building at The Ranch Event Center in Loveland. The NoCo Mini Maker Faire is now the launch event for Colorado Maker Week – catalyzing maker activities in schools, libraries and businesses throughout the state. In addition to the wide variety of eclectic, diverse and out-of-the-box projects that highlight the tinkerer spirit, this year we are also including:

Sparks & Spirits: a craft distillery tasting celebrating makers that create with fire, light and sound.

The 10th annual DaVinci Showcase: a competition for inventors to garner feedback from esteemed judges and for winners to get some great professional support to bring your idea to market.

Youth Entrepreneurs Market: if you are a youth still in school and have created your own business, Ottercares Foundation has sponsored your booth space and provides a pre-event workshop for you to learn about marketing and selling your creations.

Learn more and apply at or at

What kinds of projects will be exhibited?

All kinds! Some projects are practical, innovative, life-saving, and some are just incredibly creative, fun, or all of those things. If you are passionate about something you created, you should absolutely apply to exhibit. We’d love to see your work. Maker Faire is all about embracing innovation, creativity, and sharing the things learned in that journey of discovery. We are looking for a wide variety of eclectic, diverse and out-of-the-box ideas that highlight the tinkerer spirit. Exhibits and displays can range from student projects, robotics, 3D printers and laser cutting, textile arts and crafts, home energy monitoring, rockets and radio control toys, sustainability, green technology, radios, vintage computers and game systems, electronics, electric vehicles, biology/biotech and chemistry projects, puppets, kites, kinetic sculptures, shelter, and unusual tools or machines. Makers are often pushing the limits of tech or exploring new ways of doing traditional crafts and we want folks who are willing to share and teach with an inquisitive and appreciative audience. We’re striving to show and teach participants that it’s okay to get hands-on with projects, to learn a new skill or subject, to experiment and design with wet labs, code, a paint brush or even all three together!

The NoCo Mini Maker Faire is offered by the nonprofit Colorado Maker Hub, and sponsored by Epilog Laser, University of Northern Colorado, Aleph Objects, and the maker community. We are an offshoot of the celebrated Maker Faire ( created in the SF Bay area that draws over 120,000 annually from all around the world. Follow us a or on Facebook. To learn more about Colorado Maker Hub, find us at or on facebook or twitter at comakerhub. The NoCo Mini Maker faire is independently produced by Colorado Maker Hub in collaboration with Maker Media.




One response to “Call for Makers is OPEN!

  1. How do purchase early bird tickets? We do have a robot that our 4-H youth built. We live in Pueblo. Could we just participate on Saturday? If the youth have an exhibit, what time do they need to be there? When do the Saturday events end?

    Thank you, Robin Shearer

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