We have lost the “mini”!

Joining together the community across Colorado, the Colorado Maker Hub will be producing one Maker Faire each year – the only Feature Maker Faire in the Mountain West!  Get ready for making on a much larger scale than we’ve ever seen in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains – from the largest combat robotics competition to Steamroller printing, we will  have it all on October 14 and 15, 2017.  The location? The Denver Mart at 58th and I-25.

We launched the NoCo Mini Maker Faire in the Fall of 2013 and it opened up the world of making to thousands. Since then we have been producing two mini maker faires a year – Denver and NoCo – and have seen the proliferation of making across the region. We’ve had the pleasure of working with artists, educators, manufacturers, makerspaces, entrepreneurs, and inventors. With this graduation to a full sized, feature Maker Faire, we had to choose one location and the Denver Office of Economic Development stepped Denver_MF_Logoup to give us the support our nonprofit needs to make such an ambitious undertaking possible.

“What about NoCo” you may be asking? After all, just last week I was in a meeting with the Poudre School District in which a teacher said “We wish you’d hold two maker faires a year up here!” We hope that everyone who enjoyed the NoCo Mini Maker Faire through the past four years will join us for this larger Maker Faire that will bring together makers from across the state and the nation.  We have also located our Sparks & Spirits: Makers that Shine in the Dark featuring 15 distillers and artists that create with fire, light and Color-SS-V3-Revisedsound, at the Lafayette Arts Hub on May 20th. Creators from Fort Collins to Denver will be showing up to share their arts and spirits with you. And we are talking with a NoCo school district about our helping them put on an educational faire inside the school with help from us. So there is still plenty of making for our northern community – after all, this is where we are headquartered and where our hearts are!

And if you are looking to grow a makerspace inside your community, library, or school – Join us at the Rocky Mountain Makerspace Summit on July 14-16 where seasoned makerspace leaders share best practices and work on collaborative programs with new or aspiring spaces.

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