With a hall bursting with arts, robotics, R2D2s, tech tinkerers and all kinds of Makers with various inventions, art, costumes, visual and audio experiences, the NoCo Mini  Maker Faire is an extravagant exhibition of the talent, creativity and pure lunacy this state has to offer.

The maker movement has been called the next industrial revolution and is fueling innovations in entrepreneurship, manufacturing, education, invention and business.  In Colorado, a center of the Maker Movement, local and regional makers will be showcasing their DIY talents in science, technology, crafting, fashion, and sustainability at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for a two-day interactive, fun-filled event. Our theme this year will be Building the Future and we will be showcasing leading edge tools, technologies and techniques that makers are using to build the future.

We offer a range of opportunities to gather unique newsworthy stories pre-event and we can offer onsite broadcasting space, interviews with inventors, artists, financiers, fans and families.

Please email Maker Faire-y Elise VanDyne at elise(at)comakerhub(dot)org for more information.



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