We love Inventors! You inspire us with your vision and your capability to make things that solve everyday problems – or save the world!

2016 will be the 10th annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase and Competition!

The Inventor Showcase is a competition and exhibition that brings in 40-50 inventors from across the Rocky Mountain states.

As a fitness device start-up, the Inventor Showcase at the NoCo Faire was invaluable the first and second time we participated!  In 2011, we were in the prototype stage and wanted to test our product with complete strangers to get honest feedback.  The judges critique was a helpful bonus.  We returned in 2015 with a “real” product and sold many at the event.  We highly recommend this event to all inventors as the feedback, sales and networking was priceless.  Thank you all!”

. Catherine Reade Movemor

We are also offering again an Inventors Bootcamp hosted by The Inventor Lady Rita Crompton and the team at the Inventors Roundtable.  The Inventor Bootcamp provides workshops taught by successful inventors on how to take your idea through product development and into the marketplace.  We’ll launch the call for entries by the end of June and have more information on participants through the summer.

Inventors are the lifeblood of our country and economy. The strength of our nation has been due in large part to the ingenuity of inventors. They use their hands to fashion the components, their minds to create function and strategy, and their hearts to feed the passion that drives their work forward.

To sign up, click on the below links:

Inventor Bootcamp tickets

DaVinci inventor Showcase and Competition application

These Inventor events inside the Faire provide an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other inventors, sell product, and get feedback from the audience.

In tough economic times, inventors bring hope and inspiration to everyone they touch and have the potential to bring exciting new jobs along with them.The inventions being unveiled at this event are a powerful force. In fact, our future is being created inside the minds of these inventors. They live a life of passion and dreams, driven by a desire to make our world a better place.



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