10th Annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase!

Are you ready for the 10th annual DaVinci Inventor’s Showcase?

The DaVinci Inventor Showcase is a rare opportunity to meet inventors, feel the intensity of their spirit, and find out what it takes to turn an idea into a viable product in the marketplace.

  • For inventors it will be an opportunity to meet the Celebrity Judges, talk to patent attorneys, learn from other successful inventors, and be inspired by some of the most creative people in the world. Sign Up Here!
  • For visitors to the Faire and the Inventor Showcase, this event will inspire your creativity and empower your imagination.  Attend the Faire – Early Bird tickets here!

As a fitness device start-­‐up, the Inventor Showcase at the NoCo Faire was invaluable the first and second time we participated! In 2011, we were in the prototype stage and wanted to test our product with complete strangers to get honest feedback. The judges critique was a helpful bonus. We returned in 2015 with a “real” product and sold many at the event. We highly recommend this event to all inventors as the feedback, sales and networking was priceless. Thank you all!”

Catherine Reade Movemor

We’ll start the Inventor Showcase judging on Friday night the 7th, opening the viewing of the inventions to the public on Saturday with the start of the Faire. APPLY HERE to Enter the Competition.

NOTE: If you represent a business that wants to be located in the Inventor Showcase space, please Sign Up on this form.

Our Amazing Celebrity Judges

This year’s event will include  Celebrity Judges reviewing the entries including TV personalities, VCs, business leaders, product scouts, corporate execs, magazine editors, and many more. Each Judge is personally committed to helping inventors and helping to build a more vibrant inventor community.

PAST JUDGES (2016 Judges to be added soon)

Jim Franklin 1 Michael Bissonnette 5 Tom Martino 7 Nicole Glaros s
Jim Franklin
Active Angel Investor, former
CEO of SendGrid
Michael Bissonette
Angel Investor, Founder of Aerogrow
Tom Martino
The Troubleshooter,
Radio talk show host
Nicole Glaros
Managing Director
Ryan Parker 571 Sam Rediess s Brian Abe John Metzger
Ryan Parker
Actor & Producer
Backyard Genius TV
Sam Rediess
Senior Director
Brian Abe
Product Scout
Evergreen IP
Jogn Metzger
Managing Partner, Metzger & Assoc.
Gregory Inman Alexia Parks Bill Shirley 5 Tom Brock s
Gregory Inman
Founder of Inman Flying Circus
Alexia Parks
Author, speaker,
& columnist
Huffington Post
Bill Shirley
CEO and executive team coach
Tom Brock
Brock Media
Thomas Franklin 304 Scott Tibbitts s Joy Milkowski 672s Andrew Aldrin s

Tom Franklin

Scott Tibbets
Joy Milkowski
Founder of
Senior Fellow
at the DaVinci

Andrew Aldrin
Business Development
United Launch Alliance

Steve Baker 760s Bert Vermeulen 2015 Pat Engstrom Jeff Samson 3s
Steve Baker
Author – Pushing
Water Uphill
with a Rake
Senior Fellow
Bert Vermeulen
Senior Fellow at
the DaVinci
Founder of
Pat Engstrom
Founder of
Jeffrey Samson
Samson Design
Michael Cushman 4 Brian Baker Paul Bauer 2s Karl Dakin s

CTO for
Senior Fellow
at the DaVinci
Brian Baker
First User
Paul Bauer
IT Professor & Dept
Chair – DU
Senior Fellow  at the
DaVinci Institute
Karl Dakin
Founder of Dakin Capital
Senior Fellow  at the DaVinci Institute
Dave Taylor 388s  Janice Jensen s Teresa Grobecker Andrew Novick 3s
Dave Taylor
Web Guru
Senior Fellow
DaVinci Institute
Janice Jensen
Mt Evans
Teresa Grobecker
Silicon Valley 
Funding Liaison
Andrew Novik
Time Metrologist,
Pop Culture-O-Phile
Jay Allen s2  Joni Inman Robert Tipton 8 Les Juhasz 736s
Jay Allen
Co-Founder and Chairman  CXO & Executive Networks
Joni Inman
Business, Public & Government Relations Consulting
Robert Tipton
Senior Change Architect
Les Juhasz 
President of Liberty International Development

2 responses to “10th Annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase!

  1. Is this for tech products only. I have patents on dog related items

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