Inventor Bootcamp

The seasoned team of Inventor Mentors from the Inventors Roundtable will be providing an Inventor Bootcamp on Saturday October 8th from 9am to 1pm. Get tickets here – just $30 for this wealth of information.  Below is a review of the workshops that will be available. A light breakfast will be provided.

The Bootcamp Panel will present the following topics and be open to any and all questions from the attendees.  We will have samples of prototypes, products, packaging, etc. to help attendees understand the inventing  process.

Understanding the Inventing Process and Due Diligence: You need a stomach lining and a budget to successfully get through the inventing process.  Find out if you really have an idea that is worth it and the resources to do it. Rita Crompton

Can you Crowd Fund the Project?  Crowdfunding is the “New Kid on the Block”, but it isn’t easy.  Find out the 10 Unbreakable Rules of Crowdfunding. Ray Burrasca

What Part Does Intellectual Property Play?  What is it and how does it benefit you.   Kley Achterhof

Prototyping: How and Why. Prototyping is different at every stage of inventing and for different industries. Learn about the different types of prototyping, what you can do yourself and where to get help.    Doug Collins

Manufacturing: US vs China. What are the benefits and what are the pitfalls of each? Learn how to identify the right manufacturer and how to manage your project for the best results.  Eck Zimmermann

 Getting to Market:  How Do You Get To Market? The hardest part of inventing is marketing and selling. Learn how to stretch your dollars.  Rita Crompton




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