We’ve been learning so much about the great resources for Makers in Colorado.  We’ve been entering them in the Maker’s Map – check out the great collaborators near you.  And feel free to add to the resources on the Map.

The NoCo Mini Maker Faire’s Call for Makers is now closed!   We are now in the process of designing the Faire experience.  If we have a cancellation, if you feel your application  was missed or you would still like to be considered, the Application Form is here; Call for Makers.

From now on, no guarantee of inclusion can be made for late entries. Maker booths may be from creative individuals, hobbyist groups, school projects, commercial organizations, labs and businesses, community groups and more.  Makers and Maker organizations that do not sell a product are provided with free booths.  There may be an at-cost charge if special provision is required for safety or security for their project.  Commercial makers are charged based on the size of their booth and presence at just the Saturday event or the Friday afternoon and Saturday events.  Details are in the Call for Makers application.

Those Makers that engage the audience with demonstrations and hands on play are always the favorites.  The Presentations where a skill or craft is taught are always packed.  People attending the Faire love to create – so let’s make an event where everyone gets to play!

The 2013 NoCo Mini Maker Faire Makers!

Power Mountain Engineering
Power Mountain Engineering is a nonprofit afterschool program for students in grades 8-12. We build science projects!

Dumb Ass Tiny Android (DATA)
DATA currently is running Linux on a Beagleboard for his main computer as well as several Arduino compatible boards for I/O of his many sensors.

The Science and Engineering of Pinball
I propose to use parts from electro-mechanical (pre-1978) pinball machines to illustrate how the games work.

Lego Crane
10 foot tall Lego Crane! Fully functional!

Road Narrows
RoadNarrows sells and provides technical support for some of the most popular robotic product lines used by the academic and research community world-wide. RoadNarrows Research & Development operations include competencies in power electrics, electronics, mechanics, firmware, and software.

Talos Robots
The Talos Robot Controller is a BeagleBone-based robotics platform that integrates power, motor/servo drive electronics, and flexible sensor ports with the computing power of a BeagleBone Black.

The Phoenix Garage Electric Motorcycle
The Phoenix Garage is a 501 (c) 3 educational nonprofit that provides at risk students with mentoring, job skills development and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education through the process of building, cool, high-tech vehicles powered by green propulsion technologies.

Fierce Angel Racing
I will be displaying my “speedbike” a fully enclosed racing recumbent that I intend to ride in pursuit of several world records.

QualColor LED Lighting Control System
I will be demonstrating a wireless LED lighting control system that includes both LED controller and fixtures (both white-only and color capable) as well as control systems including touch sensitive controls, computer control and smart-phone/cloud based control.

Light Helm
Multipurpose Exploration and Protective Helmet

We demonstrate how to use pcDuino to build a WiFi real-time video surveillance remote control robot.

Superior Flush
It is a product to keep toilets from running.

Ionic Models, LLC
Ionic Models makes prototypes and models to help inventors create robust, manufacturable designs.

Vergent Products
ATOMS- Smart Building Blocks! Make things that do things.

The Nurf is a foam fixed wing R/C aircraft kit designed to be hacked.

Essential Scope Skills
We’ll explore the general features of all scopes, some of the features to look for how to get started using them and examples of scopes for the simplest to complex instruments.

Amateur Jet & Rocket Propulsion
Jet engines don’t have to be complex! The pulse jet engine is one of the earliest kinds of jet propulsion, and can be built with basic metalworking tools. Some types have no moving parts at all.

Open Water Quality Sensors
A collection of Open Source Hardware water quality sensors, including designs to interface common pH, eC, DO probes.

Plastic Trim CoreXY made a funny looking H-Bot with extra criss cross belt action!. So OpenScad told the little CNC Mill to make a couple more parts to get some criss cross belt action. The little mill’s GrblShield is now driving the bigger Plastic Trim CoreXY nearly a square foot!

Colorado Waterjet Company and Rocky Mountain Smiths
We are an abrasive waterjet job shop. You draw it – we cut it. Any design and any material in sheet or plate form. Also information about blacksmithing.

Epilog Laser
Epilog Laser will be at the NoCo Mini Maker Faire showcasing our cutting-edge laser technology.

Air Force Academy STEM Outreach
Demonstrating rockets and fuel systems.

Scion UAS and Scion Aviation
See how Advanced composites can be used to create strong lightweight structures, and see some of our specialized Aerial Vehicles that are made with Advanced Composite (carbon) materials.

Sketch It Make It
Sketch It Make It is a sketch based interface that makes it easy for everyone to design.

Omar-Pierre Soubra, Director at Trimble Navigation and President of the French American Chamber of Commerce, reveals invaluable insight into the main technology trends, mainly coming from the Maker Movement, that will affect industries over the next decade.

Open Tech Forever
Open Tech Forever (OTF) is an open source hardware cooperative that innovates products that are released under a creative commons license.

Electric Bikes
Electric Mountain Bike,Electric Human hybrid system, hand made in Fort Collins.

Earth Day Loveland 2014
Earth Day Loveland 2014

Makers at the National Center for Atmospheric Science
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) includes numerous MAKERS who design observational systems & tools central to weather, climate, and space weather research. From sensors on satellites in space – to radar and dropsonde technology – to earth system models that run on the world’s biggest supercomputers, NCAR is in the business of MAKING.

How Loud is Too Loud?
The Jolene project is a system based on a cleverly-designed and instrumented store manikin that is used to easily measure the sound levels of MP3 players.

Skyview School of STEM Weather Balloon
Our project aims to stimulate interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines and careers from a young age.

A Matter of Perspective
You won’t believe your eyes at this booth full of RAFTy illusions!

Analog computers
Play with analog computers!

A Ristau Studio
Light and Kinetic sculpting since 1998. Coming from a family of artisans, Loveland Colorado artist Aaron Ristau has a fascination for creating art that blends nostalgic aesthetics with modern function.

Art Incubator of the Rockies

AIR is more than an arts incubator, resource, or network for artists.  AIR is a movement whose time has come.  A movement to elevate creatives and the power of creativity.

The Combobulator
The combobulator is a reactive art installation that produces light patterns and sound based upon the movements of the participant in front of the screen.

Colorado-Wyoming Lego Users Group
Grown-ups who build, play, and design with Lego. We will be showing some interesting and beautiful models and displays.

Clothing for your mind….hand printed art on T-shirts and poster prints

Taking paper art to a whole new level.

The Phoenix Asylum
The Phoenix Asylum is a non-profit makerspace/cooperative workshop in Boulder, CO. For the last 5 years we have been providing workshop space and community resources to artists and craftspeople in Boulder.

Wearable Art
Infinity tee shirt scarves with creatively assembled vintage accent pieces.

Bent Circuits – Theremin
A Neuromorphic Kinetic Sculpture is three dimensional visual art that is influenced in form and movement by either biological or artificial neurons. In other words, your brain is in control of the art!

Insane creations from plastic bricks by expert builders.

The SoundPuddle is an interactive space of visual-acoustic synesthesia. It consists of over 4,000 RGB LEDs that respond to sound that participants make, visualizing musical notes as color. It’s a project based out of Solid State Depot (the Boulder Hackerspace), based on open-source FPGA hardware.

Studio Lowe Light
Creating lamps, nightlights, and candle lantenrs using found objects and vintage images.

Revive Gifts
Reviving the Gifts of the Past is our Gift to the Future! At Revive Gifts we Upcycle used items from Thrift Stores and Yard Sales into Beautiful One of a Kind Pieces of Steampunk Art!

Portable Aluminum Foundry
This is a simple portable foundry that was created by using common materials found at the hardware store. It’s primary parts are a propane fired, “Oliver Upwind Burner” and a furnace made of two metal pots and a refractory mix.

McIntyre Furniture
I am a custom furniture maker. My main areas of focus are: dining tables, cribs, memory/keepsake boxes, and tea boxes.

Recyled Water
My background has three main elements, landscaping, masonry, and woodworking. As a maker, I try to incorporate all of these elements into my pieces. My goal is to bring nature into an urban setting.

Well Lit Art
Illuminated art panels in multiple forms for various uses. There’s a POSSIBILITY of having a simple make-and-take project that illustrates the concept of positive and negative space. So, “maybe” to the next question!

29 Second Film Festival
Loop of 29 second films submitted by local film makers.

A Scrappin’ Place Booth 2
Paper art

MSU Denver Disruptive Fabrication Research Lab
Exhibition of art and design projects from students enrolled in Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Art and Design programs using digital fabrication technologies like laser cutters, CNCs, and DIY 3D printers to make new projects.

Make It @ the Library
Booth will focus on library resources at Loveland Public Library that include our digital content creation lab, 3D printer and very large printer as well as the library workshops that involve creativity including origami, knitting and tatting for adults, the Brickmasters Lego Club for children and the writers’ club and DIY sessions for teens.

The DYI custom cast bronze & Lost Wax Casting kit
An Experience for Home or School..

Natures Temple of Time
Natures Temple of Time is an art exhibit that combines and demonstrates the relationship of the Earth and Sun daily and yearly cycles with the color wheel and the life cycle of man.

Trying to come up with collaborative project with action works. We manufacture snowboards and CNC knife cutting tools.

MSU Denver Disruptive Fabrication Research Lab – NERDY DERBY
Interactive in that guests can create their own mini-race-cars on the fly.

The Sweetspot is a little hard to describe but super EASY to use. Results are immediate BUT Sweetspot only makes perfect sense once you try it! Sweetspot offers a unique simplicity of back support and sitting comfort that is far more sophisticated than you’d ever expect.

Food/Specialty Foods/Food Justice
Stuff ‘n Mallows
Three recent Colorado State University Graduates invented the perfect marshmallow for making s’mores, a chocolate chip infused marshmallow.

The Growing Project
The Growing Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that promotes the value of a strong, diverse, and just local food system to all residents of Northern Colorado through direct agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy.

Here, sample this!
Help me to figure out what to do! Taste-test my natural soda and give me your comments.

Green Bird Press
Green Bird Press is a small letterpress operation with a modern minimalist approach to design.

Special Fish
Buttons, Art, Commissions, and More!

Frequently Nerdy
Handmade Jewelry for the awesomely nerdy. Made from recycled electronics.

Create By Knitting
Sharing the skill of knitting by creating beautiful, functional accessories. Basic projects like dishcloths, cowls and more challenging ones such as fingerless gloves and socks. If you ever wanted to knit and thought it was too hard, here is your chance to learn and see if it is a hobby you might enjoy.

Maker Faire T-Shirts
Make your own Maker Faire tie-dye t-shirt!

That Special Touch
Snuggy Bunnies, Teddy Bears, Jewelry Bags, Ornaments and More!

SunSpirit Designs
Handmade jewelry of precious and not-so precious metals and stones from all over the world.

Northern Colorado Weavers Guild
Our guild mission’s is to educate the public about the art and craft of fibers activities with emphasis on spinning and weaving and to give anyone interested the opportunity to learn these crafts.

Scrapbooking, Cardmaking & Papercrafting Store.

Circuit Board Clocks
Desk and wall clocks made from recycled circuit boards.

Aspen Iconic
Locally made, laser engraved wood jewelry.

Fiona’s Fairy Amazing Fairy Garden
Make your own mini-table top gardens with mini plants and accessories. We sell afforable kits and teach makers how to plant and maintain their very own fairy garden.

Badass Textile Design
Using easy to source supplies, makers will gussy up fabric and burlap with layers of yummy textile design goodness.

We’re an invention studio from Boulder that specializes in geek gear, shwag, and gadgetry. Geek covers for your devices, dice gauntlets, and scientific toys!

Interweave Crafts
We are passionate about crafts and the craft community.

Youth Makers

Anna’s Art Explorers
Anna’s Art Explorers is a kids’ art class based in downtown Fort Collins. To get an idea of what students learn in our classes I have hands on art activities for kids to participate in.

Starter Fun with Electronics
Beginner electronics by a nine-year old! Come try a hands on activity with me.

Rocky Mountain IDSA Student Chapters
These works are a compilation of works from the students at the Metro State University and Art Institute Industrial design programs. The works presented range from handcrafted pieces to 3D printed objects from SolidWorks.

Choice City Arts
Choice City Arts: where students come together to collaborate and engage the Colorado State University community and the greater Fort Collins community in the Arts.

Pursuing your Passion: 20% Project
Pursuing passion…choose your own project just started in Skyway Elementary’s 6th grade class. Based on the idea of 20% time it encourages children to do a project that they are passionate about and do it well.

Action Works
In support of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) Action Works’ largest event of the year. We combine FIRST LEGO League, VEX IQ and VEX Robotics platforms for a day of building and pick-up games.

CSU Institute for Entrepreneurship
Featuring several project from the institute

My Terrace Farmer
Nederland, Colorado based Solar Greens™ Company develops integrated consumer products addressing food, water, energy, and community issues. My Terrace Farmer™ is a modular smart solar greenhouse for small spaces. Solarator™ is a solar-powered alternative to fossil fuel electric generators.

Timberlane Farm Museum Food Bank for Larimer County
A Loveland farm from the 1860′s priding itself in authenticity has re-invented itself as a museum for community enrichment as well as a source of donated locally grown nutritious fresh table vegetables in partnership with the Food Bank for Larimer County to decrease the county’s soaring obesity and diabetes rates.

Products that facilitate reusing mason jars

3D Magic
CNC Demo
Demonstration of the process of CNC machining and the history of machines

OmniMaker – not just a 3D printer. Open-source modules allow infinite capabilities such as Filament Extrusion printing, 3D Laser Scanning, Laser CNC, milling, sign making, photo-curing epoxy printing, printed circuit board drilling, etc.

The 3D Printing Store
The 3D Printing Store invites you to stop by and experience 3D Printing. Talk to our CAD designers, have you questions answered, and perhaps leave with something printed.

Phoenix 3D Printer
Ez3D has created the Phoenix 3D Printer – an open source, low-cost 3D printer.

The Cyclophone is a circular USB controller with 24 velocity-sensitive keys and 4 knobs, designed for collaborative music making.

Banana Keyboard
An Arduino compatible keyboard that uses capacitive sensing to allow the user to make anything that is slightly conductive, including bananas, into the keys of the instrument..

DIY Guitar Tube Amplifiers
By repurposing old audio amplifiers, you can learn to make your own guitar amp that will sound as good or better than anything on the market.

AV Noise Orchestra
Performance using arduino based sound and light instruments.

Color Organ Coffee Table
This project takes the equalizer display found on many stereos and puts it into a coffee table.

Lightwave Communication with LEDs
Transmit your voice or music on a light beam with an easy-to-build optical link. Learn about optics, simple transistor circuits, and optical communication.

Club Workshop
Maker and demo booth

The Concoctory
The Concoctory is a unique mix of one part retail shop, one part hacklab.

Come see a variety of Do-It-Yourself projects from the new hackerspace in Longmont!!

The Studio at Anythink Brighton
Make it at the library! It’s all about creation at The Studio at Anythink Brighton. Whether it’s textiles, robotics or DIY crafts, this makerspace has something hands-on for everyone.

Solid State Depot – The Boulder Hackerspace
Come visit the hackers, makers, and tinkerers who make up Solid State Depot, Boulder’s premier hackerspace.

3 Painted Ladies
3 Painted Ladies provides you an alternative to throwing away your excess latex paint. We recycle paint, saving it from the landfill, and through our unique process, turn it into a high quality product at an affordable price.

Re Purposed
Re purposed components and equipment, rebuilt equipment, reimagined products

R2D2 Astromechs
Displaying full size R2D2 astromechs and also showing the how-to s to build these droids.

Mountain States R2 Builders
We are a local club that is passionate about building droids from Star Wars, including mouse droids, gonk droids, and our favorite R2 droids. These are life-sized fully robotic droids that bring smiles to young and old. If you ever wanted an R2-D2, now is the time to start building yours!

Super Mega Bot
The Super Mega Bot is a Multi-Purpose, Robotic Development Platform.

SHARC: Greater Denver Area Robotics
SHARC is one of the most active hands-on technology clubs in Colorado. We are focused on introducing young minds to science, technology, and engineering and are strong supporters of FIRST.

Fritz – A Robotic Puppet
Fritz is an animatronic puppet that is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Fritz was created to provide an inexpensive introduction into robotics that is both entertaining, creative and educational.

Ameribotics is established to promote 21st-century whole-person development for North American teachers and students and improve global competitiveness through robotics.

Loveland High Robotics
Loveland High Robotics is a high school team that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

Morti travels the world and shares the Kindness Movement everywhere he goes. Morti’s vision is to make the world a more forgiving place where all can live in harmony.

Rocky Mountain IDSA Student Chapters
These works are a compilation of works from the students at the Metro State University and Art Institute Industrial design programs. The works presented range from handcrafted pieces to 3D printed objects from SolidWorks.

Space Junk
Make stuff with space junk

Pivot Guild
Support and consulting for Entrepreneurs

Take Apart Day, the Maker Faire Way!
Roll up your sleeves and take apart computers, VCR’s, telephones, and more. See electronics from the inside out! You’ll learn a thing or two about how these machines work, and may just be able to fix something thought to be broken forever!

Panda Bicycles
Panda Bicycles exist to create beautiful and functional bamboo bicycles for bike enthusiasts, everyday cyclists, and urban commuters.

Fractiling the World
Tiling theory is one of the hottest topics in today’s mathematical research. FRACTILES-7 is a marvelous introduction to the wonders of tiling patterns.

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